The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll 4/9/08

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Barack Obama with a statistically insignificant one-point advantage over John McCain, 46% to 45%. While that lead is statistically insignificant, it is the first time Obama has had any advantage over McCain in a month (see recent daily results). Daily tracking results are updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

In a match-up with Hillary Clinton, McCain attracts 47% of the vote while Clinton earns 44%. McCain has a very slight edge over Clinton among unaffiliated voters but trails Obama 49% to 39% among that key group. McCain leads both Democrats by double digits among White voters but trails by large margins among African-American voters. Rasmussen Markets data shows that Democrats are given a 59.2 % chance of winning the White House this year.

McCain is viewed favorably by 53% and unfavorably by 44%. Obama’s reviews are 53% favorable and 45% unfavorable. For Clinton, those numbers are 45% favorable, 52% unfavorable (see recent daily results). All three candidates auditioned for the role of Commander-in-Chief yesterday by questioning General David Petraeus about the situation in Iraq. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker were grilled by Senators as they reported a message of cautious optimism.

Rasmussen Reports polling data shows that 65% of Americans want the troops to come home from Iraq within the year. At the same time, just 26% want the troops brought home immediately. The gap between those numbers represents both an opportunity and a challenge for each of the Presidential hopefuls

The Rasmussen Reports Balance of Power Calculator shows the Electoral College race remains a Toss-Up. Democrats lead in states with 190 Electoral Votes while the GOP has the advantage in states with 189. When “leaners” are added, the Democrats lead 243 to 240. A Top Fives video features the five closest states in White House race (see summary of recent state-by-state results). Fox’s Beltway Boys discuss how McCain is doing surprisingly well in the Electoral College. New polling data will be released this week for Alaska, Montana, Ohio, Florida, and other states.

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama now attracts 50% of the vote while Hillary Clinton earns 41%. That’s the fifth straight day that Obama has been at or above the 50% level of support and enjoyed a significant lead over Clinton (see recent daily results). Clinton continues to hold a modest lead in Pennsylvania while Obama holds a huge lead in North Carolina. Data from Rasmussen Markets now gives Obama an 86.3% chance to win the Democratic nomination. Expectations for an Obama victory have grown steadily over the past month.

New survey data released today shows that solid pluralities believe that a national health insurance program overseen by the federal government would raise costs and reduce quality of care. However, most believe that employers should be required to provide health insurance for their workers.

Sixty-three percent (63%) of Americans say the federal government is not doing enough to help the troubled economy. Fifty-six percent (56%) believe that stopping illegal immigration would help the economy. However, another survey shows that nearly half the country believes the best thing the government can do is get out of the way. At the same time, 47% consider Global Warming a Very Serious problem, but a solid plurality sees a conflict between economic growth and environmental protection.

Daily tracking results are collected via nightly telephone surveys and reported on a four-day rolling average basis. The general election sample is currently based upon interviews with 1,600 Likely Voters. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Results are also compiled on a full-week basis and crosstabs for the full-week results are available for Premium Members. See crosstabs for general election match-ups, favorable ratings and Democratic primary.

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  1. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll 4/9/08 « Latest election polls…

    In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama now attracts 50% of the vote while Hillary Clinton earns 41%….

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